10 Best RPG Games for Low-End PC

From countless great RPG games available on Steam, there is a minority that stands out. Still, not every gamer can play the best and the latest one due to PC hardware limitations. However, this should not discourage you at all as there are a plethora of great Role Playing Games that will run on your PC without much hassle.

RPG games stand out due to their offerings of various characters in imaginary worlds who can be grown in abilities and powers. This gives players immense joy as they discover new puzzles, NPCs, and combat systems that never feel boring.

If you are one of them, then you will surely love our list of best RPG games that will run on low-end PCs.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Steam User Rating: 88%

Final Fantasy XIV Online Character
PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5 2.4GHz or higher
GPUGeforce GTX 750, Radeon R7 260X or higher

The popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise is unmatched and while the FF: XIV Online was launched in 2014, it is an absolute gem made by the publisher Square Enix. This MMO game offers a dynamic class system where players can choose from diverse classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

The game comes with great visuals, a huge open world to explore, and multiplayer modes to enjoy the adventure with friends. And if you are thinking that it would put a lot of stress on your PC, think again! The minimum PC requirements allow players to run this game on several years old systems.


Steam User Rating: 86%

Warframe Character in action
PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUIntel Core i5 750, AMD FX 4100 or higher
GPUDX11+ capable video card

This highly rated and immensely popular Action RPG title made it to Steam in 2013. Developed and published by Digital Extremes, Warframe is among the best free RPG games alive. The excellent fast-paced and fluid combat system accompanied by parkour, melee, and a variety of weapons makes the game quite intense.

The visuals of beautiful worlds, imaginary characters, and the flashy combat seem to be demanding but in reality are not. The game only needs a first-generation Core i5 and an FX CPU, 4GB RAM, and any budget or even decent integrated graphics to run smoothly.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Steam User Rating: 83%

The Elder Scrolls Online characters standing together
PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUIntel Core i3 540, AMD A6 3620 or higher
GPUGeforce GTX 460, Radeon HD 6850 or higher

With a huge player base of over 22 million players around the globe, The Elder Scrolls Online needs no introduction. Developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, the game made its entry on PC in 2014 and since then has never stopped growing. The brilliant open-world structure, rich lore, and the freedom to begin any quest make ESO a fantastic RPG game where the players can also indulge in choosing factions, interacting with other players, and customizing their characters.

The game still gets continuous updates that include new lands, classes, and storylines and can run even on a potato PC. All it needs is a decent APU or a simple 2-4 Core CPU with an entry-level video card and 3GB of system RAM.

Stardew Valley

Steam User Rating: 98%

PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPU2GHz processor
GPU256MB video memory

If you love an RPG simulator, look no further! Stardew Valley is one of the rarest indie games that was created by a single person. Developed and published by ConcernedApe, the game opens with players inheriting a run-down farm where they farm and interact with others to improve their skills and level up.

The game has endless possibilities of what you can do. Cultivate crops, raise livestock, or explore mysterious caves, you have it all. Also, it is one of the very few games that can run even on a potato PC and doesn’t require a dedicated GPU.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

Steam User Rating: 98%

PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUCore i5 or equivalent
GPUGeforce GTX 550, Radeon HD 6XXX or higher

For players who love to play diverse roles, Divinity has it all. Whether you want to be a flesh-eating Elf, an imperial Lizard, or even an Undead, Divinity gives you a variety of roles to play each having its own consequences. The game’s core lies in an open-world RPG gameplay where you are allowed to speak to anyone and kill anyone without losing your progress.

It offers a co-op mode too that allows up to four players to join forces, each of them able to control a customizable character. While the game looks absolutely stunning in visuals, it is surprisingly well-optimized for low-end PC hardware.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Steam User Rating: 89%

PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUCore i5 660 or equivalent
GPURadeon HD 5870 or equivlant

Developed and published by Capcom, Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen allows players to control and recruit AI companions known as pawns. This is an open-world RPG game that is set in a dark world where you indulge in a hack-and-slash fight keeping the strategy nature of the game. There are lots of customizations, upgrades, and a lot of DLC content to explore.

The game looks visually decent and has 4K resolution support. Although it’s impossible to play at that resolution without a powerful gaming machine, you can still play this game at 1080p with an entry-level system.

Coral Island

Steam User Rating: 89%

PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUCore i3
GPUGeforce GTX 660 2GB

Coral Island is one of the latest RPG life simulators that feel similar to Stardew Valley. Although the popularity of the latter goes through the sky, Coral Island has grown significantly in the first few weeks. The game allows you to simulate farming, dating, building, crafting, and whatnot. With tons of things to do, it will surely consume several hours in a single session.

Even though this game was released in November 2023, it doesn’t require a supercomputer. All you need is a Core i3 and an entry-level GPU like the GTX 750.


Steam User Rating: 84%

PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUCore i3 or AMD equivalent
GPUGeforce GTX 400x, Intel HD 4x, Radeon 7xxx+

This visually captivating title was developed by Jagex Ltd and released in 2020. As the game is Free to play, it has garnered hundreds of thousands of players across the globe with thousands of concurrent players. Runescape is an MMORPG open-world game that can be played individually or with friends so that you can level up on your own or along with your friends.

Having such appealing graphics does not make this game very demanding as it is well-optimized. It can easily run on an entry-level system with a Core i3, 4GB RAM, and a GPU like RX 550 or even lower.

Albion Online

Steam User Rating: 79%

PC HardwareMinimum Requirements
CPUIntel/AMD CPU with SSE2
GPUVideo card with DX10 support

Another great MMORPG which is an open-world RPG title and free to play. Having an even bigger player base, you are more likely to have fun with this game than the previous one but keep in mind that both games are decent in their own areas. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world where you need to craft each and every item to take over the enemies.

There are no classes and no restrictions. So, you get to choose what to wear and what weapons to use. The game’s requirements are pretty low and can easily run even on integrated graphics but make sure your system has enough RAM.

Fallout: New Vegas

Steam User Rating: 96%

The list cannot end without mentioning the iconic Fallout: New Vegas released in 2010. This classic title is still one of the most popular open-world RPG games of all time. The game even adds a survival aspect in the post-apocalyptic era where you need to confront horrifying creatures and robotic minions.

New Vegas allows you to create specific builds. So, whether you wanna create a Gunslinger build that mostly relies on pistols or a build that relies on luck, you can have it all. Lastly, don’t worry about system requirements. You can run it on a potato PC.


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