6 Best Free Truck Simulator PC Games

In the virtual world of fast racing vehicles, some players love to drive bigger and more powerful automobiles aka Trucks. While there are plenty of truck-driving games available, only a few of them feel like a real truck simulation.

If you are among the truck simulation fans, then you must be looking for some free truck simulator games to try your hands on different trucks. Here you will find the top truck simulator games you can play right now for absolutely free.

Note: Some Truck SIM games listed are not completely free but have a Demo mode instead.

Food Truck Simulator (Demo)

Steam User Rating: 67%

Link: Steam

We know that this might not fit everyone’s taste but believe us, the Food Truck Simulator is worth trying. You get to drive a food truck and manage the resources like you see in the real world. Food Truck Sim not only lets players renovate, equip, and restore the truck itself but also allows them to prepare food and serve the customers.

Remember that this is your father’s legacy which you must continue. So, be aware of different aspects of the game such as getting a garage, traffic rules, and congestion. Make sure you cook the food timely drive the truck back to the garage and clean it properly.

Truck World: Driving School

Steam User Rating: 70%

Link: Steam

Developed by Truck World Studio and released in Jan 2023, the Truck World: Driving School will teach you everything about driving different trucks. The game gives first-person and third-person points of view to teach you the basics of maneuvering a truck on the road.

There are basic as well as advanced challenges ahead that you must complete to get the perfect score. As you progress, you will be tasked to carry and transport various kinds of cargo and trailers.

One of the appreciable features of this game is the ability to get in and out of the trucks anytime you want which is almost non-existent in Truck simulators. Also, the physics, the terrain, and the graphics are top-notch, making this a must-try sim game for truck lovers.

Euro Truck Simulator 2(Demo)

Steam User Rating: 97%

Link: Steam

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 is perhaps one of the best truck simulator games of all time and to this date, no other developer has been able to create something like this. Developed and published by SCS Software, ETS 2 provides tons of content and a Demo mode for new players. With the full bundle, there is so much to explore with all those DLC items. However, if you don’t want to purchase it now, you can try the free version.

You get to drive a variety of trucks across more than 60 European countries. You can manually upgrade these trucks for the best visuals and performance. Moreover, there are various types of functional upgrades you can upgrade your truck with including lights, horns, exhausts, and more. Remember that managing all of that is not easy but if you would like to distribute the workload, you can always hire drivers and manage your company according to your comfort.

American Truck Simulator (Demo)

Steam User Rating: 96%

Link: Steam

From the developer of Euro Truck Simulator 2, the American Truck Simulator will be a perfect addition if you would like to explore American states. This upgraded truck sim brings better visuals, more trucks, and a lot of DLC content to experience. The game mechanics are based on the ETS 2, hence, you won’t feel overwhelmed learning new skills.

There are a lot of possible customizations with the trucks and you can convert it into your home by changing the cabins, chassis, cosmetics, and accessories. Keep in mind that this game will test your maneuvering skills as you drive long trailers 53 feet long. Moreover, you have to master different trucks, manage the cargo shipment across different cities, and obey the traffic rules.

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths – Prologue

Steam User Rating: 70%

Link: Steam

Although not as popular as the previous truck sims, the Truck Mechanic definitely has the potential to rise to the top when it gets released anytime in 2024. Currently, the game offers the Free Prologue where players have to take their trucks through difficult terrains which is much more difficult than driving them on well-built roads.

You get an old truck initially through which you will transport goods. However, driving the truck in a pesky condition may result in a breakdown mid-journey. Therefore, you must learn how to fix the truck with basic tools. Once, you get back to the garage, you can upgrade your truck in both functionality and appearance.

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel (Demo)

Steam User Rating: 94%

Link: Steam

Motor Town brings a unique simulation style of its own where you are not only given the opportunity to drive trucks but also race cars, taxis, and police vehicles. This casual driving sim was developed by P3 Games and features minimalistic visuals, beautiful landscapes, and a variety of vehicles to experiment with.

The game is still in the Early Access mode but has a Demo mode to play for free. Whether it’s day or night, you can always take on challenges and tasks including transporting cargo and travelers. When bored, get yourself against an AI-controlled bot or another player in the multiplayer mode.


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