How to Find Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2

In the ever-expanding world of Destiny 2, one Exotic has stood the test of time and numerous patches, stubbornly maintaining its place as a beloved powerhouse: the enigmatic Telesto. Fusion Rifles, in general, have witnessed a resurgence in Season of the Chosen, and the Telesto is no exception. Some call it the most formidable fusion rifle in the game, and even after a history of nerfs and fixes, it remains a force to be reckoned with.

But what truly makes the Telesto shine is its Catalyst, a tantalizing upgrade that enhances this weapon’s capabilities. Yet, obtaining the Telesto Catalyst can be a quest in itself, and players looking to wield its power should be prepared for the journey. In this guide, we unveil the mysteries of the Telesto Catalyst, what it offers, and how to obtain it.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Guardian or a new recruit in the world of Destiny 2, it’s time to dive into the depths of what makes the Telesto an Exotic worth pursuing.

The Telesto Catalyst: Deeper Pockets

What sets the Telesto Catalyst apart is the single perk it introduces – “Deeper Pockets.” While this perk may seem simple at first, its impact is far-reaching.

Deeper Pockets increases Telesto’s ammo capacity, a seemingly modest enhancement with profound implications. For those well-acquainted with Telesto’s capabilities, this Catalyst perk is a game-changer. Telesto is already a formidable weapon at short range, unleashing homing projectiles that result in a secondary Void explosion. With perks that facilitate automatic reloading, it excels in short, intense confrontations.

With the Deeper Pockets perk from the Telesto Catalyst, the magazine size expands significantly. This allows you to maintain a continuous stream of energy blasts and Void explosions for an extended duration. In essence, it transforms Telesto into an even deadlier force, particularly in situations that demand sustained firepower.

How to Obtain the Telesto Catalyst

While the Telesto Catalyst promises significant enhancements, obtaining it can be a challenging journey. There are only two paths to acquiring the Catalyst:

  1. Legendary Lost Sectors: These demanding activities offer a chance to earn the Catalyst. However, not all Lost Sectors can be run on Legendary or Master difficulty. Availability depends on the current season, so staying updated on the accessible Lost Sectors is essential.
  2. Master Lost Sectors: Similar to Legendary Lost Sectors, Master Lost Sectors provide an opportunity to obtain the Catalyst. These are more challenging but offer a higher likelihood of dropping the Catalyst.

To initiate your pursuit of the Telesto Catalyst, head to the entrance of the chosen Lost Sector. Before entering, look for a flag near the doorway. To engage the Lost Sector on Legendary or Master difficulty, interact with this flag. If no flag is present, you haven’t discovered the Lost Sector yet, and you must complete it in normal mode before unlocking higher difficulties.

The drop rate for the Telesto Catalyst is subject to luck, so perseverance is key. It may take several attempts to secure it, but the rewards make the effort worthwhile.

Enhancing the Catalyst

Once you possess the Telesto Catalyst, the path to upgrading it is clear. To complete the Catalyst, you must achieve 300 kills with Telesto. These kills can be acquired in both PvE and PvP activities, ensuring accessibility and versatility. The kills you accumulate count retroactively, allowing gradual progress.

To expedite this process and maintain a healthy ammunition supply, consider equipping fusion rifle ammo finder mods. These mods help ensure you have ample special ammo to prevent frustrating interruptions in your quest to master the Telesto Catalyst.

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In the realm of Destiny 2, the Telesto Catalyst is a gateway to unlocking the full potential of this Exotic fusion rifle. With the power of “Deeper Pockets,” Guardians can transform Telesto into a formidable force on the battlefield, whether in short-range skirmishes or challenging encounters. Acquiring the Catalyst may be a journey of persistence, but the rewards are well worth the effort, making Telesto a must-have addition to your Guardian arsenal.


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