Is Counter Strike 2 Coming to Xbox and Playstation Consoles?

The wait for the sequel to the decade-old Counter Strike game is finally over and Valve has officially launched Counter-Strike 2 on Steam. This has created hype and excitement within the PC gaming community but fans are still wondering if Counter Strike 2 will come to the consoles.

As of now, CSGO is one of the most popular first-person competitive shooter games that looks better than the previous Counter-Strike Games. However, CS 2 takes the visuals and gameplay to the next level.

There are still controversies on whether CS 2 is as good as CSGO but one thing is still common between the two: Both are available on Steam for PC gamers.

Will Counter-Strike 2 come to Xbox and Playstation Consoles?

CS 2 is officially launched for desktops and laptops through Steam Client. According to the game system requirements, it needs Windows, SteamOS, or Linux operating system to work on a computer.

However, consoles have their own custom operating systems and Steam games don’t work on them.

Currently, we do not have an official word about CS 2 coming to Xbox or Playstation consoles whether we talk about the previous gen consoles or the latest Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

As Counter Strike has always been a game to be played with a keyword and mouse, we did not see Counter Strike games making it officially on consoles.

Counter Strike Global Offensive remained alive on the Steam client for more than a decade but didn’t make it officially on Xbox and Playstation consoles except for a one-day release on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Will CS 2 ever make it to Consoles?

It’s difficult to tell but most likely, it won’t. The reason is the competitiveness of the game that cannot be managed through an analog controller.

The quick reactions and accurate aiming need a decent gaming mouse. No matter which controller the player uses, it’s unlikely that the player can match the mouse’s accuracy with a controller.

If we receive an update on whether CS 2 will ever come to the consoles, we will surely update you on the matter.


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