10 Games like Infamous for PC

If you’ve ever found yourself destroying enemies with electrifying powers and dashing into the air, chances are you’ve fallen in love with the iconic game Infamous. This PlayStation gem has captured the hearts of many with its compelling storyline, immersive gameplay, and of course, the absolute thrill of unleashing superhuman abilities.

However, being one of a kind, there aren’t many games that can really compete with it when it comes to the combat system and the storyline simultaneously. Still, if you want to recreate the Infamous gaming experience on your PC, you are in the right place.

In this post, we’ve collected a bunch of games that share similar superhuman abilities as well as a story-rich timeline that will have you hooked up for several hours.

Prototype 1 & 2

What makes Prototype a perfect companion for Infamous enthusiasts is its intense action where you are free to perform the sickest parkour of your life that feels unreal. Apart from flying beside the skyscrapers, you can run on their walls like Spider-Man.

Even though the Prototype series doesn’t come close to Infamous in its storyline, the combat system is far more intense and the abilities feel unlimited. You can just eliminate all the soldiers and their vehicles without breaking a sweat or you can just sneak into restricted areas taking their form.

Batman Arkham Series (4 Games)

The Arkham series, much like Infamous, excels in providing an exciting narrative, intense action, and a hero with a dark side. It all started in 2009, the same year when Infamous was born. It was the Arkham Asylum that proved to be one of the best superhero games of all time and won the Game of the Year Award as well.

Moving forward, the Arkham series expanded into a catalog of thrilling Batman sequels that surpassed the expectations every time. The series includes famous titles like Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and Arkham Knights where you can explore Batman’s hidden secret powers and enjoy the night flying over the towers.

Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales

Even though Spider-Man games don’t share similarities in the storyline, what they share is the electric power channeling through the hands of your main character. Remember Miles Morales? The new superhero who takes on the adventure with his new superpowers can now unleash havoc on the enemies with his newly found electric powers.

While the Remastered version is also pretty intense in the storyline and provides a longer campaign, Miles Morales has a lot of new acrobatics, better combat, and new superpowers. Since their transition to the PC, players who enjoyed Infamous can now relive a similar experience.


What sets Control apart and makes it a must-play for fans of Infamous is its mind-bending narrative and reality-distorting gameplay mechanics. Much like Infamous, Control offers a protagonist with extraordinary supernatural abilities like Slam, Melee, Shield, Evade, and various others.

Released in 2019, the game has garnered more than 30K positive reviews on Steam and is among the top favorites of supernatural genre fans. The game not only excels in combat but also provides a psychological thriller experience, mysterious soundtracks, satisfying gunplay mechanics, and minimalist visuals to immerse you completely into this atmospheric world.

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive doesn’t just throw you into an open world but it’s a playground of insanity. The game is a must-try for Infamous fans if you love grinding on the rails, bouncing off cars, and running on the walls. After its official launch on gaming consoles in 2014, the game made its way to the Windows OS officially in 2018 and did not disappoint at all.

The game’s traversal mechanics are something to live for and its explosive combat system never disappoints. Combine them with a humor-filled story and fourth-wall-breaking jokes, you are not going to get bored anytime soon. Currently available on Steam for a pretty low price, Sunset Overdrive should definitely be on your must-play list.


So, here is our list that you should try next if you are done with Infamous. Let us know about your experience if you have tried any of the games on the above list. Also, let us know of any titles that you believe should have made it to the list.


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