How to use Cheat Engine in Starfield

Starfield is one of the very few games that feature a vast universe to explore. It can be quite challenging to complete every quest without any cheats. So, players who want to speed up the process without much grind can utilize a Cheat Engine that is totally safe to use.

Using the cheat engine, you will be able to enable several cheats that result in infinite health, ammo, items, and oxygen, as well as modify various parameters to suit your gameplay.

Using the Wemod Trainer

One way is to use the Starfield Cheats from WeMod that is available to use on Windows OS. WeMod is a popular website that provides cheat trainers for various games and the Starfield Cheats is the easiest tool to cheat in the game.

The benefit of using a trainer is that it comes in the form of its own software that will get hooked into the game. The Starfield Cheats gives you a total of 41 Cheats that include the options to alter Player, Inventory, Stats, Weapons, Enemies, and Game parameters.

The total size of the software is 85MB and can run on both Steam and Xbox Starfield editions.

Using the FearLess Cheat Engine

If you want a lightweight cheat engine for your game, a user on FearLess forums has created a cheat engine by the name of Creation Engine 2. The cheat engine is in the form of a script and allows you to load the table from the program which will enable a total of 30 Cheats that include options to change several parameters.

The best part about the FearLess cheat engine is that it is constantly getting updated with more cheats by the community members.

So how do you use the Cheat Table?

1. First, install the Cheat Engine from the official website.

2. Open the Creation Engine 2 file(Starfield_v1.3.CT)

3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine to select the game process

4. Keep the list and Activate the trainer options by checking the boxes. You can also use values 0 or 1.

That’s all you need to do in order to enable cheats in Starfield. With two of the most popular cheat engines, you will be able to complete the main quest as well as all the side quests quickly and safely.


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