The Best Gaming Keyboards in 2024

The amount of control a keyboard gives you over your computer is unmatched. Most of the time, the best gaming keyboards are the ones that excel in functionality and are quick in response to offer a competitive advantage over your opponents in video games. Gaming keyboards have evolved to the extent that the scope of upgrades does not only cover different switches but also the form factor, macros, and hot-swappable design.

A good gaming keyboard should be versatile in functionality, allowing you to customize many of its features, or should at least be quick in actuation out of the box. Whether it hosts silent or tactile switches, the switches shouldn’t provide little to no friction and must have solid reliability to go on for several years.

If you are a competitive gamer or someone who just wants to feel how a good gaming keyboard would improve your gameplay, we have brought you a list of the best gaming keyboards, ranging from budget to premium offerings from different manufacturers.

TCG’s Picks for the Best Gaming Keyboards in 2024

Best Overall

ASUS ROG Strix Scope II 96

Efficient and Customizable

The 96% layout of the Scope II 96 enables it to save a lot of space on the desk since it offers a TKL form factor and squeezes the numpad on the main area. Being hot-swappable in nature further enhances its value. Apart from being beautiful in appearance, it offers great reliability, pre-lubed mechanical switches, and tri-mode connectivity.

Form-Factor: TKL, Connectivity: Tri-mode, Switches: Mechanical(NX Snow), RGB: Yes


  • Tri-mode connectivity
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Compact yet efficient
  • Dedicated wrist rest
  • Customizable RGB


  • Feels a bit cluttered
  • Fewer dedicated multimedia controls

After securing a high position in the PC hardware market as one of the giants, Asus is on to another venture of delivering exceptional gaming peripherals. It has been a while since the company entered this particular market but it is still relatively newer compared to the popular brands such as Corsair or Cooler Master. Asus did not disappoint and produced a terrific gaming keyboard called ROG Strix Scope II 96, which is highly versatile in its functionality and provides dazzling looks.

This is a full RGB-backlit keyboard that runs on different types of connections. Whether you want a wired connectivity or a wireless one, the keyboard has it all. The tri-mode connectivity stands out as a big selling factor here as apart from the standard wired connection, the wireless connection provides both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connection. Customizability is excellent too, allowing swapping of the default pre-lubed ROG NX Snow switches according to individual needs. A simple volume roller is provided at the top beside a multi-function button for media control. Its tenkeyless design is another reason why you should go for it because despite being compact, it manages to get 96% of the keys onboard. It’s a truly marvelous gaming keyboard designed for enthusiast gamers.

Best Budget

Redragon K580 VATA RGB

Exceptional Value

One of the newest displays in MSI’s catalog, the Optix G244PF E2 is a fantastic option to begin with. The Rapid IPS panel and 180Hz refresh rate combination along with FreeSync support ready it for fast-paced gaming. At a sub-$130 price point, this monitor is a no-brainer for beginners.

Form-Factor: 104-key, Connectivity: wired, Switches: Mechanical(Blue), RGB: Yes


  • Dedicated multimedia and macro keys
  • Hot-swappable
  • Built-in RGB
  • Convenient RGB customization
  • Dedicated app support


  • Wired connection
  • RGB lighting on sides is not controllable via the app
  • Blue switches are noisy

Redragon always remains at the forefront in delivering affordable options for gamers on a budget. From gaming mice to keyboards, you can find everything from the company at half the price with almost similar features. The Redragon K580 VATA is the true contender for winning the best budget title, bringing so many top-notch features at just a sub-$70 price tag. It’s fully RGB-backlit and can be customized either through the onboard key combination or from the Redragon software. Apart from having a full 104-key layout, it also brings additional keys.

Some of these are dedicated multimedia keys that also include a roller and there are five fully programmable macro G-keys, that can be programmed to execute various complex functions inside your game. Being hot-swappable is yet another fantastic addition to its functionality that helps you swap the default Blue switches with your favorite ones. Having a wired connection may surely bring some hassle to the table, but it will be quick to register your input.

Best Mid-Range

Corsair K70 RGB PRO

Perfect for Most

One of the newest displays in MSI’s catalog, the Optix G244PF E2 is a fantastic option to begin with. The Rapid IPS panel and 180Hz refresh rate combination along with FreeSync support ready it for fast-paced gaming. At a sub-$130 price point, this monitor is a no-brainer for beginners.

Form-Factor: 104-key, Connectivity: wired, Switches: Mechanical(MX RGB Speed), RGB: Yes


  • Ultra-fast actuation
  • 8K Hyper-Polling
  • RGB backlit
  • Excellent software support
  • Dedicated multimedia controls


  • Wired connection
  • No hot-swappable switches

Corsair’s gaming keyboard lineup is vast and having used many of them, I confidently recommend them for your setup. One of the best in the mid-range category to buy is the K70 RGB PRO as it offers Cherry MX Speed switches that actuate at just a 1.2mm distance and need very low force. In fast-paced games where even a fraction of a second can make a difference, these Speed switches will keep you ahead. The keyboard does offer Blue and Red switches but those are some personal preferences.

K70 RGB Pro brings a full 104-key layout with a premium build quality and fully RGB-backlit keys. We aren’t sure if you are familiar with Corsair’s iCUE software, but if you aren’t, you need to see how magical that software is. Not only does the software provide presets and custom RGB modes, but it also allows mixing them up for advanced RGB lighting effects. Apart from aesthetics, the keyboard is equipped with plenty of multimedia keys and a volume roller at the top. The only flaw some users may find is its wired connection because, at a sub-$130, many keyboards offer wireless or both types of connectivity.

Best TenKeyLess

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL

Compact but Versatile

A compact yet highly functional keyboard from SteelSeries that uses a durable chassis, detachable magnetic wrist rest, and an OLED display for checking the current settings. Its construction looks gorgeous and provides bright RGB lighting effects.

Form-Factor: TKL, Connectivity: wired, Switches: Mechanical(QX2), RGB: Yes


  • Premium aluminum enclosure
  • OLED display
  • Magnetic wrist rest
  • RGB-backlit
  • Compact


  • Only wired connection
  • Fewer multimedia buttons
  • Not hot-swappable

When you want to save some space for your mouse and if you hardly use the Numpad, the Apex 7 TKL will provide you with a compact form factor without sacrificing much of its functionality. Constructed using an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, the Apex 7 is highly durable and provides a sleek look. It skips the Numpad to save space on the desk but has the arrow keys and special keys row for miscellaneous actions.

This current edition comes with QX2 linear Red switches that are quick in actuation and provide up to 50 million keypresses lifespan. Even if it isn’t the fastest keyboard ever, it is fast enough for competitive gaming and generates no noise. A detachable magnetic wrist rest is also provided at the base, which provides extra comfort in long gaming sessions, and a USB pass-through is at the top for connecting additional peripherals. The small OLED display at the top is perhaps one of its notable features that provides you with the current keyboard profile and has a volume roller on the right.

Best Membrane


Membrane King

A full 104-key layout with silent membrane switches makes it perfect for gaming in silence. Roccat Magma boasts a beautiful design and good ergonomics for gamers on a budget. The RGB lighting is customizable as well as some keys through the Easy-Shift key.

Form-Factor: 104-key, Connectivity: wired, Switches: Membrane, RGB: Yes


  • Good customizability
  • Silent membrane switches
  • Dedicated wrist rest
  • RGB-backlit


  • Membrane switches are inferior to mechanical
  • No multimedia buttons
  • Only wired connection

Not everyone can afford a mechanical keyboard and not everybody needs it. Membrane switches have been doing quite a wonderful job for decades and they are satisfactory for gaming purposes too. Even though finding a decent membrane keyboard in just the $20-$30 price range is possible, we recommend investing in the Roccat Magma which is a $50 membrane keyboard with many of its features on par with budget mechanical ones.

It provides a full-size layout with RGB-backlit keys that aren’t alone in exhibiting beautiful lighting effects. The keyboard’s AIMO top semi-transparent plate offers 5-zone RGB lighting through it that can be extended to other Roccat peripherals such as headset and mouse through the company’s proprietary lighting eco-system. The switches are completely silent and some of the keys are programmable through the Easy-Shift key provided on the left side. A detachable wrist rest is also provided and that sums up the Magma keyboard’s amazing features for just 50 bucks.

Best High-End

Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro

Ultimate Command

The BlackWidow V4 Pro gives you the ultimate command on gaming via its highly programmable nature and additional macro keys. Mesmerizing RGB lighting not only comes from underneath the keys but also from the bottom of the keyboards around the edges.

Form-Factor: 104-key, Connectivity: wired, Switches: Mechanical(Yellow), RGB: Yes


  • Dedicated multimedia rollers and keys
  • High-performance mechanical switches
  • Extended RGB lighting
  • Programmable macro keys


  • $230 for the wired edition?
  • Not hot-swappable

When you have the money and the hunger for more, look no further than the BlackWidow V4 Pro from Razer which carries incredible functionality and distinguished RGB lighting effects. Powered by Razer Chroma, the RGB lighting is available on a per-key basis and is fully customizable via the software. Unlike most keyboards, the lighting is embedded at the bottom of the edges of the keyboard as well as the wrist rest to create stunning lighting effects on your desk.

Equipped with linear and silent yellow switches, you can game in silence without impacting your performance. Being a full 104-key layout, the keyboard has all the keys along with several programmable macro keys on the left. A the top-left corner, you will find a multimedia roller that can do a variety of tasks and for controlling media, another dedicated volume roller and four media keys are available at the top-right. The V4 Pro enjoys a premium design except that it is only available in the wired edition.

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Keyboard?

Form-Factor: Keyboards are available in various sizes. The standard 104-layout offers the most number of keys and is the most popular one. Due to its large size, many gamers often find themselves sticking to smaller form-factor keyboards like tenkeyless, 75% or 60%. These keyboards might be a little slower at productivity but they provide a lot of space for mouse movement.

Switch Type: Mechanical switches are a no-brainer. For gaming, membrane switches should be your last option, particularly when you are low on budget or want silent operation. Mechanical switches have better response, feedback, and reliability overall. They come in various types, each designed for a specific purpose.

Connection Type(Wireless/Wired): Keyboards can be wired or wireless. Wired keyboards are generally more affordable but they have their own limitations such as short-range and cable management issues. On the other hand, wireless keyboards can be operated from a distance and keep the desk clean. Wireless connectivity, however, introduces some input lag, particularly the ones that operate on Bluetooth. It’s crucial to have a 2.4GHz connection as well as it not only provides a stable connection and less input lag, it also allows full compatibility with the manufacturer’s software. Nonetheless, Bluetooth connection enjoys wider compatibility.

Customizability: Highly customizable keyboards allow macros, lighting customizations, and in some cases, hot-swappable switches. These keyboards are pretty convenient and can get along with individual user choices. They don’t necessarily improve your gameplay but they are good to have.


How to pick a gaming keyboard?

Look for the switch type and the form factor. Mechanical keys are better and are more reliable than membrane keys. Size also matters and if you love to game all day, a TKL, 75% or 60% keyboards are great. However, if you also work, a full 104-key keyboard will do a great job. You can see our detailed guide above on what to look for in a gaming keyboard.

Is TKL better for gaming?

A TKL is as good as any other form factor but it offers less footprint than a regular one and is great for mouse movement. Still, it’s a personal preference and some users might prefer 104-key layout keyboards or keyboards that are even smaller than TKL.

Are gaming keyboards better than regular ones?

Generally speaking, Yes! They offer improved switches, good customizability, and also look better.


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