All Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Intel locations

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from 2011 still holds millions of FPS fans wanting to dive into the game once again to unlock all the secrets. COD MW3 takes gaming to the next level with its hidden gems – the Intel collectibles. If you’re a die-hard fan of this decade-plus-old title, or a completionist seeking every achievement, we have got you covered.

These Intel items, often disguised as laptops, hold the key to unlocking more than just in-game secrets. They’re your ticket to achievements and completing the game at its fullest. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of all 46 COD MW3 Intel locations so that you leave no Intel undiscovered.

Black Tuesday (5)

1. Within the apartment complex, inspect the area to the right of the downed helicopter, and you’ll discover a bedroom. The Intel is located at the base of the bed.

2. Move down the stairs that lead into the store, then pivot and search for Intel positioned on a desk beneath the staircase.

3. Upon entering the stock exchange lobby, direct your attention to the left side of the room for the Intel.

4. Locate the circular desks in the southwest corner of the exchange floor, near the ascending steps, to find the intel.

5. When your task involves planting a thermite charge on the jammer, explore the right side of the rooftop for a table holding the necessary Intel.

Hunter Killer (2)

1. When you board the submarine eliminate the two crew members situated in the rear berths, and proceed into the red room. Position the door to the red room on your left, and carefully examine the bunk area ahead. You will find an Intel there as your first Intel in this mission.

2. Upon entering the red room, transition into the initial power-plant room marked by numerous columns and an overhead metal floor. The laptop is located in the first power-plant room with columns.

Persona Non Grata (4)

1. Descend the stairs from the surgery room, rotate 90 degrees to your right and inspect the arcade-alcove in the courtyard of the safehouse, which is filled with boxes, to locate the laptop for Intel.

2. While progressing down the street, be on the lookout for an open house to your right, just before the street takes a westward turn. Inside one of the smaller rooms, on an end table, you’ll discover the intel you’re seeking.

3. After passing through the trapdoor to access the UGV, take a moment to inspect the area behind the sizable shipping crate to find the Intel.

4. While Yuri is making his escape from the UGV, keep an eye out for the Intel positioned on top of the slide in the playground.

Turbulence (2)

1. Descend the stairs following the turbulence that induces a momentary freefall (zero G) in the plane. Proceed forward to the dead end and you’ll find the Intel positioned just to your right.

2. Not long after the plane crash, you’ll encounter a fallen tree that requires a leap to traverse. Immediately after clearing the obstacle, inspect the ground directly in front of you to find the Intel.

Back on the Grid (3)

1. Leap and sprint directly up the street into the factory fter providing cover for Price from the Sniper Tower. Search for this piece of Intel in the house you encounter along the way.

2. Upon reaching the point where you meet your team, continue down the street until you come across a hut on the left that can be entered. Inside, look for the Intel on a crate.

3. In the main hall of the church, right before breaching the door, you’ll find the Intel on the church’s altar. Make sure to retrieve it before stacking at the door with Price and Soap.

Mind the Gap (3)

1. After navigating through two bends down the street, you’ll come across a building on the left. Search for this piece of Intel inside the building before reaching the first set of stairs.

2. Prior to or following the act of opening the truck doors, swiftly head to the building in the northeast. Ascend the stairs leading up to a catwalk and continue along this path until you can enter the building, then inspect the desk for valuable Intel.

3. Upon reaching the top of the initial escalator, be on the lookout for a newsstand directly in front of you. The Intel is located on the ground behind the counter.

Goalpost (3)

1. Upon reaching the street, immediately locate a crashed plane to the north. The Intel can be found inside the cockpit.

2. Continue advancing from the top of the street until you encounter a tall white building. Search underneath it to find the specified Intel.

3. Identify the VP’s convoy following the tank ride, leading you to enter a building named Teknikor Deutschland. Once inside the building’s lobby, examine the cubicles to your right and get the Intel amidst the workspaces of office drones.

Return to Sender (3)

1. Shortly after the initial encounter with the remote chopper turret, be on the lookout for a ladder to your left that leads into the south building. Ascend the ladder and explore the second floor, where you’ll find the Intel resting on a desk.

2. The Intel is situated in Waraabe’s room which you can find by inspecting the tables on the sides of the room.

3. When the countdown initiates, and you’re hurrying toward the secondary LZ, be attentive to a very small building on your right at the eastern edge of the map. Inside this building, you’ll find the Intel resting on a table.

Bag and Drag (4)

1. Enter the bookstore and reach the second floor. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, you’ll notice a row of windows on your left. The Intel is positioned on the window sill between the two bookshelves.

2. In the courtyard, after your navigation through the bookstore and kitchen, search for the Intel in the rear of the second store across the courtyard.

3. After being hit by a flashbang in the Catacombs, examine the south end of the room before proceeding to pursue Volk. You will find the Intel on the console wall adjacent to the wall around the corner.

4. As you pursue Volk, you will encounter a set of stairs. Discover this Intel just before reaching the last door, beyond which the pursuit transitions into the open, leading to the car chase with Volk.

Iron Lady (2)

1. Following the successful elimination of the machine gunner, descend into the courtyard and access the greenhouse on your left. Climb the staircase within to locate the Intel.

2. While approaching the LZ with Volk, you’ll encounter a bus suspended over a sinkhole or bomb crater. Enter through the front door of the bus and explore the interior to find the Intel situated inside this motor coach.

Eye of the Storm (2)

1. Proceed with Soap, eliminate the two-man patrol on the street, and seek refuge in the hotel to evade the chopper. During this time, check for the Intel on the hotel concierge’s counter.

2. In the courtyard, examine the table under a tent on your left for the Intel during the sequence when allies take to the rooftop to confront the enemy forces.

Blood Brothers (1)

1. When Price picks up Soap and instructs you to provide cover; clear the room, and inspect the far-right corner to find the only Intel lying on the ground.

Stronghold (2)

1. When temporarily blinded by flash grenades, ascend the stairs leading to the control room. In the left corner of this room, you should locate the Intel.

2. After clearing out the courtyard, look for a yellow scaffolding on the second level. Proceed to the southernmost building next to it and discover this Intel on a small crate.

Scorched Earth (5)

1. Upon landing and entering the building, the first office floor has an Intel. Inspect the cubicle closest to the bottom end of the rubble ramp, which you’ll need to ascend upstairs to continue.

2. Following the destruction of the tanks by the A-10, examine the fence along the east side of the roof. You’ll find a piece of Intel on the other side, facing away from you, so keep a keen eye as it may be challenging to spot.

3. Upon rappelling down the building to the street and passing a crashed chopper, look for a shop named Trivo Buchhandlung. Inside the bookstore, you can find the Intel on the cashier’s counter.

4. After you’ve destroyed a tank with an RPG, search for an Intel in the Teknik Deutsch Building across the street which was surrounded by German tanks.

5. Once the objective shifts to “get to the roof” and your squad mate kicks open a door leading to a stairwell, inspect under the stairs on a couch to find this Intel.

Down the Rabbit Hole (2)

1. After the elevator crash, in the mine tunnel, you’ll encounter an office to the left upon entering the expansive mining cave with enemies. Inside that office room, check the cabinets in the corner furthest away from the entrance to locate the Intel.

2. Right after breaching the room to rescue the president, turn around and round the corner to find intel on top of a barrel.

Dust to Dust (3)

1. Enter the casino and ascend the first set of escalators. Upon reaching the second-level lounge near the large windows facing the entrance, check the bar in the corner to find the Intel.

2. After exiting the elevator, take the first door after following Yuri into a small room and search for an Intel location on the poker table.

3. As soon as you enter the restaurant and spot Makarov, glance at the bar to your right to find the last piece of Intel.


So, here you have it! We have listed the locations for all 46 Intel items in COD: MW3. If you need any more help, then don’t forget to put your comment down below.


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