Spider-Man 2 Game Voice Actors: List

When the Spider-Man 2 trailer was shown, we were all blown away by how Peter Parker was able to unleash havoc on multiple enemies with his venom suit. Miles Morales looked just as good with his fast swinging and flying abilities.

The game got a lot of praise from game critics as well as Spider-Man fans from every corner of the world. However, this couldn’t be achieved alone without the fabulous voices behind each character that make a deep impact on the players.

If you are someone who is deep into the game and want to know about Spider-Man 2’s cast, then we have compiled the list of all the voice actors who made the game awesome as we know.

Peter Parker by Yuri Lowenthal

This is not the first time Yuri performed as a voice actor in a video game. This awesome personality was behind Peter’s voice in the Spider-Man PS4 game and also performed in several anime, cartoons, and video games as well. We can all agree that his delivery of Peter’s wit, charm, and struggles enhances the player’s emotional connection to the character which makes the game even more immersive.

Miles Morales by Nadji Jeter

Known for his vibrant and engaging performances, Jeter’s portrayal of Miles captures the essence of the young, aspiring superhero going through the challenges of maturity and newfound powers. Jeter has been working on television and films apart from voicing Morales in Spider-Man 2 and his ability to convey the emotional complexity of the character makes Morales look more authentic.

Mary Jane Watson by Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey is a veteran when it comes to voice acting and she performed absolutely remarkable in Spider-Man 2. Laura Bailey is the one who was behind the Kid Trunks voice in the Dragon Ball Z Funimation English dub and also worked as a voice actor for various anime dubs including Shin-Chan, Glitter Force, and Fruits Basket. Her stunning voice doesn’t stop here but expands to various popular video games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIII, and many more.

Harry Osborn by Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips has showcased his talent in a variety of roles across television and film including the CBS series The Good Wife and the movie Ben 10: Race Against Time. In Spider-Man 2, Phillips’ portrayal of Harry contributes to the overall richness of the story, which provides players with a deeper understanding of the character’s motivations and struggles.

Venom by Tony Todd

Todd is widely recognized for his deep and distinctive voice, making him a perfect fit for the menacing venom. Having previously lent his talents to various roles, including the voice of the Fallen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and the Candyman in the horror film franchise, Todd’s vocal prowess suits well for capturing the dark and formidable nature of Venom.

Norman Osborn by Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston takes on the central role of Norman Osborn in Spider-Man 2, bringing a wealth of acting experience and a compelling presence to the character. He is known for his diverse roles in film, television, and video games which include notable performances in Aliens, The Shawshank Redemption, and various video games like Halo 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Assassin’s Creed.

Kraven the Hunter by Jim Pirri

Jim Pirri steps into the role of Kraven the Hunter, infusing the character with his seasoned voice-acting skills and a captivating presence. Pirri has showcased his excellent voice skills in projects like Mortal Kombat X and World of Warcraft and in many TV shows and movies. He is well-known for his role of Angelo Bronte in RDR2 as well as Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola in Battlefield 1 which makes him a perfect fit for delivering captivating dialogues in Spider-Man 2.

Ganke Lee by Griffin Puatu

Griffin Puatu lends his voice to the character of Ganke Lee in Spider-Man 2 bringing a fresh and dynamic energy to the game. While Ganke is a relatively new addition to the Spider-Man universe, Puatu’s voice-acting ensures that the character is both relatable and adorable. He has a background in various voice roles, including Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons- The Movie and Beastars, and has also worked as a voice actor for Ganke Lee in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Martin Li/ Mr. Negative by Stephen Oyoung

This is not the first time Stephen has worked as a voice actor in a video game. In fact, he was one of the main characters of Spider-Man 2018 which gave him the fame he deserved. Stephen Oyoung once again takes on the role of Martin Li, also known as Mr. Negative, bringing a compelling and multi-faceted performance to the character. Oyoung worked as an actor in movies like Terminator: Dark Fate and Olympus Has Fallen and also trained Keanu Reaves in martial arts. This positions him as a versatile talent suited for the dominating character of Mr. Negative.

Rio Morales by Jacqueline Piñol

Jacqueline Piñol takes on the role of Rio Morales in Spider-Man 2 and is known for her acting skills in Bosch TV series. With a background in acting and voice work, Piñol did not only portray the role of a supportive and caring mother of Miles Morales in Spider-Man 2 but also did pretty well in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

Lizard/ Dr. Curt Connors by Mark Whitten

Mark Whitten has lent his voice to characters in popular video game titles, showcasing his ability to bring diverse characters to life. While not as high-profile as some other voice actors, his talent is evident in the range of roles he has undertaken. In Spider-Man 2, Whitten’s portrayal of Dr. Curt Connors and the Lizard adds depth to one of Spider-Man’s iconic adversaries.

Sandman/ Flint Marko by Leandro Cano

Who can forget Sand-man who is one of the most formidable opponents of Spider-Man that hardly gets hurt with kicks and punches? That character comes to life through a less-known actor and voice-over artist, Leandro Cano who worked in movies Without a Trace and Agent Stocker.


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