7 Games like The Division for PC

The Division is all about teamwork. Joining up with fellow agents, strategizing, and tackling the chaos together is something that its fans love the most. The game seamlessly blends intense PvE missions with nail-biting PvP encounters in the Dark Zone, where trust is a rare commodity.

Being a kind of its own, nothing is identical to Tom Clancy’s The Division. However, there are games that give you the feeling of teamwork and mechanics similar to The Division. Of course, they won’t feel exactly like it but they can scratch your itch of trying something similar.

In this post, we have listed out the top 7 games that feel like The Division either in gameplay or graphics.

Aliens Fireteam Elite

If you’ve recently found love in the chaos of The Division and the tactical thrills of Breakpoint, you’re in for a treat with this one. This third-person shooter drops you right into the pulse-pounding universe of Aliens, where xenomorphs are more than happy to make you their snack. The game’s got that sweet spot you’ve been craving and gives you the diverse builds and weapon choices that you were wanting badly.

The cover mechanics and the multiple difficulty levels in the game give you a challenging grind. While not exactly like The Division in every area, most players who tried Aliens Fireteam Elite and The Division found more similarity between the two than any other non-Tom Clancy’s game.


If you love the co-op nature of The Division, you will also love Outriders. The game features a Sci-fi open world where you and your friends strategize to kill monsters and upgrade your Outrider with mod-able guns and gear to overcome the hostility.

The game allows 1-3 players in the co-op mode and features four different classes each having its own skill tree. This creates so much fun despite the intense situations that you would probably end up playing it for several hours. However, the game isn’t just about killing random monsters, it’s packed with a rich storyline, amusing mechanics, and a dark journey to the mysterious signal.

Still, compared to The Division, it can get repetitive due to the same style of combat but you’ve got to give it a try if you want to engage in a world filled with dark atmosphere.

Destiny 2

Pretty much similar to the Outriders, Destiny 2 is far more popular than the former with over half a million reviews on Steam. The best thing about the game is that it is free to play and features a co-op mode to play with your friends. You get to choose between three different classes: Titan, Warlock, and Hunter where each class has its own capabilities and way of combat.

The game can be played in both Cooperative and Competitive Multiplayer modes where in the former, you and your friends work together to complete the quests while in the latter, you challenge your friends to prove why you are the best.

Borderlands 3

Released in 2019, Borderlands 3 is a popular RPG multiplayer FPS that despite being different from the 3rd person shooter perspective of The Division, feels like the latter in essence. The game features several modes like co-op, online co-op, co-op campaign as well as single-player mode.

In Borderlands 3, you can team up with other 3 players playing as Vault Hunters to kill your enemies and collect loads of loot. You can choose from various types of weapons including overpowered guns like Blade Fury and Kick Charger that deal insane amounts of damage.

The gameplay is super fast(like Doom) and the cartoonish graphics make it stand out in the list.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

What could be more similar to The Divison than one of the sequels to the game itself? Meet Ghost Recon Breakpoint, an excellent tactical shooter that offers a lot of choices of weapons and customizations. The game was released in Q4 2019 giving Tom Clancy’s fans another title to grind with friends.

With the DLC, the game becomes much more fun as now you have even more content to grind in apart from the main missions. Of course, the multiplayer mode is as good as its predecessors, and playing in a co-op mode is what Tom Clancy’s games are known for.


Even after a decade of its initial launch, Warframe didn’t lose its popularity at all. It is one of the most active online multiplayer RPG third-person shooters that will scratch your itch. The game gives you a massive universe to explore where you can engage with monsters you have never imagined before. And the best part? the game is completely Free to play.

According to many players, it’s even better than Destiny 2, has a good developer team that pays attention to the issues, and can suck up a few thousand hours of you and your friends. Even if you don’t get the exact same feeling as The Division, Warframe is in itself a unique experience that you must feel by playing it yourself.

Remnant From the Ashes

Another great third-person shooter where you rip apart your enemies with your extremely powerful weapons. The dark atmosphere is something you should explore not only by yourself but also with two of your friends to increase your chances of survival. The game features an intensive survival mode where you and your friends have to fight super hard to kill bosses.

Released in 2019, the game is still somewhat alive for online multiplayer, however, the single-player mode will always be available for you.


It’s almost impossible to find identical mechanics, story, and graphics of a particular game in another which is why Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of a kind. Still, the above-listed games are pretty close to The Division in one way or the other. Let us know what game you are going to play with your friends in the comments below!


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