How to Get the Shiny Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you’re itching to utilize the power of Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this guide will guide you to obtain it easily. In the vast landscape of these two versions of the Pokemon series, a Shiny Kingambit is a Pokemon that can significantly elevate your team’s capability.

Getting Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is tricky. It’s the last form of Bisharp and needs careful steps to evolve. If you mess up once, you will be back to the beginning. Using a guide is a must for anyone trying to evolve Kingambit for the first time.

This guide will show you the way through the complexities, so you can have Kingambit as your strong Pokemon ally.

Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Meet Kingambit, the Big Blade Pokémon of Generation IX. This tough Steel-type creature is a powerhouse, evolving from Bisharp and standing tall at 2 meters (6’07”). With a weight of 120kg (264.6 lbs), it’s no lightweight, earning it the affectionate nickname ‘Great Tusk.’

Kingambit boasts two impressive abilities – Defiant and Supreme Overlord, and if you’re lucky, you might uncover its hidden ability, Pressure. What sets Kingambit apart is that it’s already at its peak form and no further evolution is possible.

In battles, Kingambit lives up to its reputation. The Pokédex reveals impressive stats: 100 for HP, a whopping 135 for Attack, and a solid 120 for Defense. But don’t be fooled – its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats are equally impressive. This makes Kingambit a force to be reckoned with, both as an offensive powerhouse and a resilient defensive wall. So, if you’re seeking a Pokémon that packs a punch and can withstand the toughest hits, Kingambit is your go-to choice.

Finding Pawniard Pokemon Location

Finding Pawniard is the first crucial step for evolving it into the mighty Kingambit. If you’re eager to strengthen your team early in the game, head south of Artazon in the South Province (Area Five). There, you can snag a Pawniard, which evolves into Bisharp at level 52.

If you’re not into leveling up and prefer catching a ready-made Bisharp, venture into the bamboo forest in the North Province, nestled between Area One and Area Two, close to Fury Falls. This bamboo-filled location is where the main action for this evolution unfolds.

Evolving Bisharp into a Shiny Kingambit

Evolving Bisharp into a Shiny Kingambit requires a careful process. First, make sure Bisharp is leading your party and head to the bamboo forest in the North Province. There, find three other Bisharp that spawn with groups of Pawniard. Be patient, though, as Bisharp’s standard spawn rate is just thirty percent, and the chances of it appearing in a group are even lower.

Now, for the getting the Shiny Kingambit, follow these steps:

  1. Hunt for Leader Crests: You’ll need three Leader Crests to evolve Bisharp into Shiny Kingambit. Obtain these by defeating three Shiny Leader Bisharps. Keep an eye out for them around the baby Pawniard.
  2. Utilize the Picnic: Boost your chances by using the picnic feature multiple times. Craft the same sandwich because the buff lasts for 30 minutes. This will help you in facing the Shiny Leader Bisharps at around level 52.
  3. Evolve into Shiny Kingambit: With three Leader Crests in hand, use them to evolve your Shiny Leader Bisharp into the magnificent Shiny Kingambit.

Remember, you don’t need to equip Bisharp with a Leader’s Crest; the focus is on defeating three wild Bisharps with Leader’s Crests.

Once your Bisharp has evolved into Kingambit, congratulations! It’s now ready to join your team. Due to its high HP, Attack, and Defense stats, Kingambit will be a formidable ally, that will help you conquer several battles throughout the game.


Evolving Bisharp into a Shiny Kingambit is a patient process, but with persistence and the right approach, you can add this rare and impressive Pokémon to your team. Remember you need to get to the right location before you can proceed to follow the steps mentioned above.


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