7 Best Spider-Man Games on Roblox

Swinging between skyscrapers, sprinting over obstacles like an urban ninja, and eliminating criminals are some of our favorite things to do in a Spider-Man game. While there are several Spider-Man games on PC and consoles, most of them are not free to play.

This is where Roblox comes into action where players are allowed to create whatever universe they want to. With the powerful platform in the hands of creators, you can choose to play from a list of several Spider-Man games available in Roblox.

In this post, we will list out the top 7 Spider-Man games on Roblox that will run even on a potato PC and will provide you with a fun experience from an angle you never thought.

Spider-Man Web Verse

The Web Verse is hands down the best Spider-Man game on Roblox because the web mechanics are unmatched. The way you can swing and perform acrobats is very similar to the Spider-Man 2018 on PS4. The city looks absolutely stunning with colorful and well-lit building that tells us about the hard work the developers have put into the game. So, whether you wanna perform the best web tricks, change your suit, or fight with thugs, you can have it in the game.

Spider-Man Simulator

In the Spider-Man Simulator, you are free to choose between different versions of the Spider-Man available across different Spider-Man universes. So, if you prefer the Spider-Man from Away from Home or Miles Morales from No Way Home, you are most welcome. The game features a big arena filled with tall buildings and known villains from the Marvel universe. Throw a punch at your enemy and he will crumble into pieces.

BloxVerse: Unlimited

Unlike the slow-paced gameplay of the Simulator, BloxVerse allows Spider-Man to swing across the city at a blazing-fast speed. The buildings are even taller and you get a big city to roam around freely as you wished in your childhood.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Want to have fun with all kinds of web-swinging? The Miles Morales will allow you to swing between the buildings, shoot the web with both hands, and will allow you to perform acrobatics in a way that will make your day.

The Amazon Spider-Man

The Spider-Man in this game is an expert athlete who can perform various gymnastic movements. Not only that but he can also attack with these movements thereby confusing your enemies. The controls are simple: You press “Q” for Combat, “R” for Web Throw, “I” for Web Thrust, “Z/C” for Side Spin Kick, “X” for Double Jump, “C” for Spider-Sense, and “M” for Accessing your in-game customization

Spider-Man Homecoming

You will love how Spider-Man crawls on the walls with a straight face and without even moving a limb. Maybe Spider-Man has learned the best way to come back home without anyone noticing? But remember that you can encounter thugs in the streets anytime but fear not! you can always buy the Venom suit.

Infinite 2: Swing Test

As the name suggests, you can free-roam in the game as much as possible and test Spider-Man’s swinging skills. Its swinging mechanics look pretty match similar to the Web Verse, so you are going to have fun with that. The game allows you to perform some web tricks similar to those you find in Spider-Man 2018 like the long jump you perform after hitting the spacebar at the right time when Spider-Man lands on a platform.


It can be quite challenging to choose the best Spider-Man game in Roblox but here you have it. We have done the research for you so you can start swinging right away. If you know of any other Spider-Man game that should make it to the list, let us know in the comments.


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