Best CS2 Weapon Loadout: Beginners Guide

Counter Strike 2 introduced Weapon Loadout which allows players to choose particular weapons for the matches. Unlike CSGO, in CS2 you can’t take every weapon with you.

This has made choosing the right weapons crucial in order to win the rounds and in this post, we will make sure that you choose the best guns in the game to affect the outcome as much as possible in the right direction.

What is CS2 Loadout and Why it’s Important?

If you have ever played games like Battlefield, you won’t have a hard time understanding the weapon loadout. It’s essentially a set of weapons you carry for your matches. In CSGO, you were able to carry almost every weapon in the game but in CS2, you can only carry a fixed number of weapons in each weapon tier.

These tiers are Pistols, Mid-Tier, and Rifles. You will get 5 slots for each category meaning that you can carry 5 different guns in each tier. There are some significant changes coming from CSGO to CS2 in weapon selection but you will still get enough guns inside the actual competitive match after selecting your loadout.

Why it’s important to select the best loadout is because, in certain weapon tiers, you have to let go of some weapons from your default inventory and you will be stuck with your selected ones throughout the whole match.

Best CS2 Loadout for the T Side

CT Loadout
Glock-18(Default)MAC-10Galil AR
Dual BerettasP90SG 553
TEC-9NovaSSG 08
Desert EagleNegevAWP

T side gets guns comparatively cheaper than the CTs but this is not always true, especially in the case of Pistols. In the first round, you won’t be able to buy much except for a pistol.


So, you can either get a Kevlar or a pistol like TEC-9 which has a high armor penetration and is probably better than Five SeveN on the CT. P250 and Dual Berettas are both decent ECO round pistols for stealing your opponent and the Desert Eagle is your deadliest weapon on a budget.


In the Mid-Tier, MAC-10, and UMP-45 are great for ECO rounds and will help you either get the second round done quickly or allow you to steal your opponent’s rifles. P90 is another elite SMG that is costly but comes with a pretty good magazine size and a high fire rate. Use it when rushing B.

In case you want one-shot kills from a close range Nova is a reliable and cheaper option. As for Negev, while we do not recommend getting this gun if you are serious about winning, this can be pretty devastating for your opponents if you can find 2 or more enemies in the same place.


Coming to the Rifles, Galil AR is a solid starter that is underrated despite being excellent in magazine size and armor penetration. However, the most lethal rifle in the game is the AK-47. The old classical weapon is everyone’s favorite in CS and can kill the opponent instantly. A single hit to the head will be enough even if the enemy is wearing a helmet.

SG 553 is another good rifle that allows zooming in for a long-range and is the only weapon with 100% armor penetration. For an even longer range, the SSG 08 is an excellent choice for sniping. Not only it is cheaper than other rifles but has a high damage single shots.

Lastly, the AWP is the strongest gun of all. The sniper rifle is heavy and will cost a good $4750 but it will guarantee your enemy’s death no matter where the bullet hits.

Guns to Avoid: Totally avoid getting the CZ75-Auto as it comes with a pretty small magazine and low ammo. Similarly, avoid the R8 Revolver which is the worst pistol in CS2. In the mid-tier, the MP5-SD and PP-Bizon are not your best bet but they are surely better than the pistols we talked about just now. Expensive shotguns such as XM1014 are a waste of money and time and the same goes for G3SG1.

Best CS2 Loadout for the CT Side

T Loadout
Dual BerettasP90M4A1-S
Five SeveNNovaSSG 08
Desert EagleNegevAWP


On the CT side, we have a different pistol for the first round. You can either choose the P2000 or the USP-S. We recommend getting the USP-S for its lethal one-hit kills to the head and the sound suppression. For ECO rounds, you can either buy the P250 or Dual Berettas but the Five SeveN is a decent pistol that has slightly better armor penetration than TEC-09 and a big bullet magazine to hold up to 100 more bullets in reserve.


In the Mid-Tier, MP9 is the alternative to MAC-10 you get on the T side and the same UMP-45 for the ECO rounds. P90, Nova, and Negev as usual because MP7 and other shotguns are either expensive or aren’t that effective compared to matches.


In rifles, if you are low on budget and can only afford a rifle under $2500, you can either get the SSG 08 or FAMAS. While SSG 08 is cheaper and is perfect for long-range shots, the FAMAS is super good in burst mode. For $2900 and $3100, the M4A1-S and M4A4 are the best challengers to the AK-47 on the T side and have super good accuracy and better control than the latter.

Lastly, we have the AWP which is common in both T and CT sides and is a lethal weapon for pro snipers.


This is how you should pick your weapons. Whether you are on the T or CT team, picking up weapons should be done carefully keeping in mind the strategy of your team. Counter Strike is not about picking up some random weapon and shooting at the enemies, it is a game of careful analysis of the right guns, economy, team strategy, and mastering the skills.


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