Counter-Strike 2 Player Count after One Month

Counter-Strike 2 became one of the most popular if not the most popular game today with around a million concurrent players at peak. While this is just the start, the numbers might drop soon according to the latest trend in the game’s popularity.

CS2 was officially released on 27 September 2023 and here we are exactly one month after its launch. Let’s check the latest player count in CS2 and analyze what’s going on.

CS2 Player Count October 2023

CS2 became the first Counter-Strike game to cross 1 million concurrent players on the initial launch and comes just second to the highest player count CSGO saw in May this year.

While CSGO was able to achieve a peak player count of around 1.8 million players in May, CS2 gathered around 1.46 million players at peak on the 27th of September. Since then, the player count has been dwindling instead of going up.

This can be due to many reasons but if we talk about the latest numbers, Steamcharts show that the game saw a 16.15% reduction in average concurrent players. The current average player count stands at around 818,000 players down from 976,000 players last month.

CS2 Peak Player Count

The Peak Player count is currently at around 1.4 million players compared to 1.55 million players at the time of launch. It is expected that the player count will drop further according to the current trend.


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