Does Counter Strike 2 have Controller Support?

Counter Strike 2 recently replaced CSGO on Steam and while it is specially made as a competitive fps shooter game, there are players who are enquiring about its compatibility with different peripherals.

The game brought several improvements over CSGO but retained the majority of its aspects to give the same classic feeling of Counter Strike. In this post, we will be taking a look at whether Counter Strike 2 supports Ccontrollers and whether is it possible to play it with them properly.

Counter Strike 2 and Controller Support

Counter Strike is specifically made to play with a keyboard and mouse as accurate aiming and fast response are required to dominate your enemies. This is why most counter-strike players use a keyboard and mouse including the top professionals in competitive matches.

However, there are many gamers out there who love to play games with controllers and certainly, there are a lot of FPS games that allow the use of controllers such as Battlefield and Call of Duty. Of course, Counter Strike 2 isn’t available on consoles but that doesn’t mean it can’t support controllers, right?

As per Steam, Counter Strike 2 Officially Supports Controllers just like CSGO and you can find the list of all the supported controllers in the game settings from your Steam library. These controllers are:

  1. Xbox Controller
  2. PlayStation Controller
  3. Nintendo Switch
  4. Generic Controller
  5. Steam Controller

However, as per multiple reports from CS 2 players, most of these controllers don’t work properly in the game right now. There appears to be a bug when using a controller that doesn’t let you use all the buttons on it.

For instance, a Reddit user u/AL2009man reported that he was only able to control the movements using analog sticks but no button was working in the game. In the replies, it was confirmed by many other users recently that the controller support is still broken for the game.

There are many similar reports emerging from social media particularly Reddit that their controllers don’t work at all.

Basically, Counter Strike 2 in its current form cannot be played with a controller and you will need a keyboard and a mouse to play the game. We will update you once the problem is fixed by Valve.


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