Dota 2 Stuck on Confirming Match: Why Does it Happen?

Dota 2 is among the top 10 best MOBA games of all time and it’s no surprise that millions of players love to compete online to show everybody who is the boss. Online matches in Dota 2 are hosted on dedicated Valve servers where players within a particular region join a match after Dota 2 shows “Confirming Match”.

However, many players have complained that the game gets stuck in this message without any sign of progress. This could be as frustrating as getting stuck in the loading screen and if you are one of those who are facing this issue, we have a couple of troubleshooting fixes for you.

In this guide, we will show you the possible causes and solutions to fix this problem in a couple of minutes with some basic troubleshooting methods.

Why does Dota 2 get Stuck on Confirming Match?

The problem of what looks like a freeze on the “Confirming Match” message is generally seen by the players from the North and South America region. However, it is totally possible that you are facing this issue if you fall outside of this zone.

As to why this happens is because of server overload. This happens when a lot of players are finding a match simultaneously so much so that Valve servers aren’t able to handle that load. This generally happens when there is a hyped event going on or the game gets a big update.

Still, this problem doesn’t always occur due to server overload and can be a result of different factors. With the following methods, it’s highly likely that you can get back into the online sphere. Make sure you try to implement all the steps explained below if you want a high success rate.

Don’t Cancel It!

Firstly, if you are seeing the “Confirming Match” message, don’t cancel it yet. Valve may give you a time penalty which will make you wait even more.

Here is what to do: When the “Confirming Match’ turns to “Finding Match” cancel it as quickly as possible. This needs you to react quickly but the benefit is that you won’t get a penalty and you can start matchmaking again.

Update the Game

If you have been waiting for an hour, it’s possible that the developers might have released a patch that fixes this problem. Therefore, quit the game and check for any updates.

Similarly, you can also do the same with the Steam client to update it to the latest version.

Wait a couple of minutes more

While this may not sound like a solution, there are players who have actually found a game after waiting for a few more minutes. The confirming match message can last for 4-5 minutes and then the search restarts. However, in some cases, the match can be found waiting for 10 minutes.

We understand that it is frustrating but it is better than to quit the game altogether just to try again after an hour. However, if you can’t find the game even after waiting for like 10-15 minutes, you should wait for the search to restart only to cancel the search.


The problem of getting stuck at Confirming Match is generally prominent in peak player time and can persist for a few minutes to a few hours. Unfortunately, apart from what we have suggested, you can’t do much and you will probably need to retry many times or wait for a patch before you can enter matchmaking.


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