Are there any Free Call of Duty Games?

Call of Duty is perhaps the biggest FPS franchise that currently holds around 20 installments on both desktop and mobile platforms. Whether you are looking at the 2003 Call of Duty or the latest Modern Warfare III 2023 edition, almost every game in the franchise is paid.

Being a AAA title, the COD series didn’t see many free games but there are still a few COD games that you can play for absolutely free. So, if you are a fan of the COD series or the FPS genre in general, continue reading to know what COD games you can play for free and how.

Free Call of Duty Games

The majority of Call of Duty games are available on the PC and that means you need to have a computer to play a COD game. That said, almost each of them is available through Steam, and as of now, except for Call of Duty: Warzone, every COD game is paid.

The first Free COD game is Warzone which was released in 2020 and currently sees 60,000+ concurrent players on average. You can play this game on PC as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The best part is it is Cross-Platform which means players use different platforms can play with each other from around the globe.

This also gives players the freedom to play the game with a keyword/mouse or a controller. Warzone holds up to 150-player in Battle Royale mode and has several other playing modes which is pretty dope.

The other Free COD game is Call of Duty: Mobile which was launched in 2019 and is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game is completely free of cost except for the in-app purchases.

It’s pretty similar to the Warzone on PC but can host up to 100 players at the same time. The game supports both touchscreen play as well as Xbox and PlayStation controllers which is a plus point for those who want to have a better gaming experience.


If you are looking to play a Call of Duty game for absolutely free, the COD: Warzone and Mobile are currently the only options. Still, these games are more fun to play with your friends as they have a huge playerbase and your friends can join the arena anytime.


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