Starfield: Should You Repeat the Main Quest or Skip it?

Completing Starfield can take you somewhere from 30 to 40 hours. Even after a long grind, you might want to relive the experience.

Fortunately, Starfield allows you to replay the Main Quest once again but this time you will have two different choices: Repeat the Main Quest or Skip it.

Whether you are going to repeat the main quest or skip it, you will have pros and cons of each and in this post, we will be explaining to you what you should consider after completing the game.

Repeating Main Quest

After completing the campaign for the first time, you will get the New Game+ option in the game. This allows you to play the game once again but this time, you get to choose how you want to play it.

The Game+ feature has some cool options that can significantly change how you approach the game especially when it comes to the main quest.

Now, the question is “Should you consider skipping the main quest in Starfield?”

When you start over and go over to the lodge, you will find everyone just as surprised as you are. Everyone will remember you as the miner from Vectera but the twist is that the person already died and Vasco retrieved the artifact instead.

Now, after the initial interaction with NPCs, you have to talk to Sarah. She will give you two options:

  1. Repeat Main Quest (I want to join Constellation, Unravel this mystery with you.)
  2. Skip Main Quest (I’m not who you think. I’m Starborn. I know what the artifacts are.)

Each option has its own pros and cons. If you decide to repeat the main quest, it might seem counter-intuitive since you will be redoing every mission. However, there are some fascinating changes this time around. You will find Starborn-related dialogue options that let you skip parts of the main quest and the chance to save companions who would otherwise meet their fate.

This time you will find enemies stronger than before and the NPCs have newer dialogues. Therefore, the gameplay experience will be unique and won’t be identical to the first one.

Skipping the Main Quest

On the other side, if you skip the main quest get ready for a wildly altered campaign. Your character spills all the beans including info about a companion who met their end in our previous playthrough. This can be quite a shock for some NPCs and you won’t have great relationships with some of them. There is another twist: skipping the main quest could affect certain side quests. For example, we missed out on the over-designed mission from Walter which meant we couldn’t get that free class C Kepler-r ship.

There are some more things that change when you skip the main quest. When it comes to acquiring artifacts, Vladimir simplifies things by giving you a list of all their locations. Vladimir may occasionally tip you off about Temple locations those power from Beyond quests and you might still receive notifications when you visit New Star systems.

All the planets you need to visit are neatly organized in your quest log under a mission called Among the Stars and there will be certain parts of the story that don’t happen in the New Game+. However, you will unlock some new powers in this one. The difference is that you might obtain upgraded versions of these powers like Parallel Self 2 or Elemental Pool 2.

Conclusion: Should you Skip the Main Quest?

Skipping or repeating the main quest in Starfield ultimately comes down to your personal preference. If you want to relive the campaign once more, repeat the main quest. And if you crave a fresh experience as a Starborn, try the skip option. Either way, your journey among the stars is about to be an exciting one


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