5 Best Gundam PC Games for Gundam Fans

If you are a fan of colossal metal beasts clashing in epic battles, then you are probably into Gundam games where each moment pulsates with the thrill of futuristic warfare. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a greenhorn dreaming of piloting your own mobile suit, the PC gaming scene features several such Gundam titles to satisfy your mechanized cravings.

Whether you love tactical strategy or chaotic customization, these games have it all. So, be ready to command an army of iconic mechs, engage in intense 2v2 showdowns, and play Gundam mix-and-match with parts from different giants with our selection from the top Gundam games available for PC.

M.A.S.S Builder

For many, M.A.S.S Builder is a “GUNDAM” Builder and is probably one of the best games for Gundam lovers. M.A.S.S. Builder isn’t your run-of-the-mill mech game but it’s a playground for your wildest robotic fantasies. You can design your own colossal war machine and choose from a plethora of parts to create a mech that’s uniquely yours.

There’s this wicked storyline where the world is wobbling on the brink but you get to play as a Hero, as the pilot of a Mobile Assault and Strike Suit. The combat feels decent enough with the game allowing you to have responsive controls and the bosses having a particular attack pattern makes you learn how to defeat them.

It’s certainly not the best combat system but the way the combat abilities are tied to the mech build is satisfying. The game was released in 2019 and has a free-to-play Demo mode on Steam.

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

The Cross Rays is one of the highly-rated Gundam games on Steam that was released in 2019 and was published by Bandai Namco. This game isn’t your typical Gundam brawl, it’s more like strategic warfare meets your childhood dream of playing with action figures.

The game is a pretty entertaining Tactical RPG that also covers the most important plot in the Gundam series. You can choose from the large selections of cast and units and enjoy the battle animations as every suit has a unique attack cinematic.

The only problem the game has is the character creation where you can only choose its name, birthday, and outfit. Otherwise, you will enjoy everything from the main stories to side quests.

New Gundam Breaker

While it’s not something that fits everyone’s taste, the New Gundam Breaker is pretty decent if you have never played a Gundam game. Only if its price was lower, it could be one of the deal breakers. Still, the game feels pretty fun when you unleash all your fighting abilities on the enemies to collect the rare items.

When you collect parts of the other Gundams, you can either use them or sell the excess to get more funds to buy parts you couldn’t find. There’s not much to the story but it’s a good starter for Gundam lovers who haven’t tried a Gundam-based game in life.

Super Robot Wars 30

Love exploring what superrobots can do? You will find Super Robot Wars 30 an excellent addition to your Gundam game collection. Take control of giant robots, upgrade them, train the pilots, and command them to defeat your enemies. The game is one of the highly rated Gundam-style games on Steam and requires pretty low system requirements that will make it run even on a potato PC.

The story is fun, particularly the interactions you get to see between mech pilots from different worlds. However, the game is not for someone who loves to grind on the highest difficulty. The game feels pretty normal in difficulty level even in the hard mode. This can be a CON for a grinder but at the same time a good way for a newbie into the world of grinding.

Mobile Suite Gundam Battle Operation 2

Last but not least, the Mobile Suite Gundam Battle Operation 2 is the latest Gundam PC game available on Steam. Released in May 2023, the game didn’t see a positive reaction from the community. Not because the game is bad but because it is infused with bugs. Most of the complaints about the game are how matchmaking fails most of the time and the frequent crashes.

Except that, the game is pretty enjoyable with the best mechanics you will see in any of the Gundam-based games in the list. You get hundreds of mobile suits from Gundams and Zakus along with all their different models and Gundams which are missing from the SD Gundam. To win you will actually have to work as a team which is a plus point for multiplayer mode lovers.

Only if Bandai Namco could fix the matchmaking and crashing problems, the game could become the most popular and perhaps the best Gundam game of all time.


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