How to Fix the Starfield Trespassing Bug

Starfield is a beautiful Sci-Fi game that allows you to travel through the universe, navigate bustling cities, and confront unseen terrestrial creatures. In the realm of Starfield, you are free to roam around wherever you want but the game is not immune to bugs that have caused nuisance to a lot of players lately.

Among them is the Trespassing bug that keeps popping up for no reason. In this guide, we will take a look at the cause of this issue and will provide the best possible fixes that will permanently resolve the issue.

What is the Starfield Trespassing Bug?

The Trespassing message (“You’re currently Trespassing”) can pop up randomly after a certain quest. This is generally common when you are playing the Ryujin quest chain and the bug can prohibit you from progressing further.

In some cases, you may complete most of the missions and still get the error even if you are walking through Neon. Even though Starfield developer Bethesda did not give an official fix for this, fortunately, there are a few methods that have been reported to work flawlessly in this case.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fixes that will prevent the popping up of the Trespassing message.

Restart Game

One of the easiest working fixes is restarting your game. Sometimes the most complex bugs can be fixed with such a method and by restarting the game, many players were able to eliminate the bug completely.

Make sure you just don’t exit the mission but close the game entirely and launch it again.

Restart Computer/Console

In some cases, restarting the game won’t work by itself. Restarting your computer or gaming console can also fix the issue. This will give your game a good restart and you should be back to the game without any annoyance.

In the case of Xbox consoles, you should delete the game from the Xbox Quick Resume Group and then start the game again.

Fast Travel

Another weirdly working method is doing fast travel. The game is vast and hence, fast traveling is available. If you fast-travel back to your ship and then exit it through the hatch, the trespassing error won’t come back.

Get Arrested

This is another weird tactic for fixing the bug. Getting arrested has fixed this problem for quite a number of people. However, there is a catch. In case, this doesn’t work, try restarting the game and getting arrested afterwards. This has more chances to fix the bug than not restarting the game.

Create a Save Point

Lastly, if neither of the above methods worked for you, creating a save point should fix it. You can either load an older save point if you won’t lose a lot of progress or you can just create a new save > load an older save > reload the new save.


So, here you have it! A few fixes will ensure a non-stop gaming session. It’s recommended that you follow the above methods in sequence. The Trespassing bug can be pretty annoying and with no official patch or solution from Bethesda, you have to resolve this issue on your own. Fortunately, all the methods explained in this post have worked for most players and we are positive that they will work just as well for you.


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